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  • Who are the organisers of this event?
    SCHM is organised by the SURTI RUNNERS, a running group based in surat. It is an event organised by the runners, for the runners.
  • When will the race begin?
    The Surat City Half Marathon 2016 (SCHM16) half marathon will start at 5:30 AM and the 10 KM race at 6:15 AM on 25 September, 2016 (Sunday).
  • So at what time should we report there?
    Please reach the venue 45 minutes before the start time.
  • What is the venue?
    Both the races will begin from Jolly Party Plot on Udhna Magdalla road (Surat). View Map
  • How is the terrain / run route?
    SCHM16 is a city run with a flat course. If you think that Berlin Marathon track is flat, check this out!
  • How will be the weather?
    The weather in Surat on that weekend will be pleasant. It is almost the end of the monsoon; there are thin chances that a light shower might happen. Check Surat Weather
  • Is there any chance of the event being called off in case of heavy rain?
    No, the event will not be cancelled in case of heavy rains. Our skin is waterproof!! Enjoy the rains!! It’s fun, running in the rains.
  • Are there any cut off times for both the event categories?
    The half marathon cut off time is 3 hours, whereas the 10k cut off time will be 1hr & 45mins.
  • Are there pacers available for both the event categories?
    Yes, the pacers will be there for both the categories. For 10k run, there will be a pacer for 60 minutes. And in the half marathon there will be pacers for 1 hour 50 minutes, 2:00 hours, 2 hour 15 minutes, 2 hour 30 mins, 2 hour 45 mins and 3:00 hours.
  • Will there be aid stations and emergency medical assistance available along the route?
    Yes, there will be ample of aid on the route. There will be ambulances going to and fro on the route. Also at the finish line there will be a fully equipped medical camp.
  • Is there a place, to store my belongings on the race day?
    There will be a baggage counter at the venue. But it is strongly suggested that you leave any valuables in your cars or with your aides/ friends.
  • How to get back to the Start point, after finishing the race?
    The race is ending at the start point itself.
  • What about parking at the starting location?
    There will be parking area allotted near the venue. The road approaching from Rahul Raj mall, DMD party plot will be used as parking areas. The walk from parking to the venue will be about 400 meters so please keep time in hand.
  • How will I know the route when I am running??
    There will be a lead car and adequate signage to show you the right track to run. Our traffic management volunteers will ensure that you stay on the right track all through the race.
  • Will there be a traffic blockage on the race track?
    Yes, no vehicular traffic will be allowed on the race track through the race duration (up to the cut-off time).
  • What about the lodging for out-of-towners? ?
    The organisers are not providing any lodging for out of station runners.
  • Is SCHM a qualifying race for SCMM?
    Yes, we are proud to announce that SCHM is now officially an event whose timing can be used to qualify for SCMM.


The route maps for the Half Marathon and 10K Runcan be downloaded and printed from the links below. Use landscape A4 size for best results.

21.1 K

10 K