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Race Categories

This year SCHM will have 2 race categories.

Half Marathon (21.097 km)

10K Run (10 km)

Minimum age eligibility: 16 years as on race day (born on or before 12 September 1999)

Participant categories

Both run categories (10K and 21.1K) will have 4 participant categories:
Men’s Open (age upto 45 years)
Women’s Open (age upto 40 years)
Men’s veteran (age more than 45 years)
Women’s veteran (age more than 40 years)

Course Information

To be announced later.

Prize Money

21.097 KM: In all 4 participant categories:

1st prize: Rs 40,000
2nd prize: Rs 25,000
3rd prize: Rs 15,000

21.097 KM: Surat Podium Finishers prizes [Men & Women categories]:

1st prize: Rs 25,000
2nd prize: Rs 15,000
3rd prize: Rs 10,000

This category is only for people of Surat city domicile.

10 KM: In all 4 participant categories:

Gifts from our associates.

Note: 1. TDS shall apply on all prizes. 2. Race is only open for Indian nationals.


Like SCHM 2015, we will provide all the necessary services like hydration, medical and physiotherapy support, toilets, parking, etc. Details will be posted here at a little later stage.



  • Footwear & Clothes

    It is your responsibility to wear appropriate footwear & clothes suited to run on asphalt roads, please note that wearing inappropriate footwear or running barefoot can lead to grievous injury.
  • Running Number BIB (Chest Number)

    The running number BIB is mandatory for your participation of race day and will have to be personally collected by you at the Marathon Expo the details of which will be communicated to you by email.  In the event of your inability to collect your running number BIB the same can be collected by your representative. Your representative has to carry your govt. issued photo id along with an authorization letter duly signed by you, authorizing your representative to collect your running number BIB on your behalf.  Race day images of all participants will be screened visually after the race and if any of the participant is found not wearing the running number bib allotted to him/her, the participant registered for that BIB will be disqualified from the race.
  • Goodie Bag

    Goodie Bags will be given to all participants on a first come first serve basis only at the Marathon Expo, details of which will be provided to you shortly by email only. It is recommended that you register early and collect goodie bag at the Marathon Expo early to avoid disappointment. Even though we have asked for your t-shirt size in the registration form, it is difficult to ensure that you will get the correct t-shirt size. In order to avoid disappointment please register early and be one of the first few to collect your t-shirt and goodie bag.
  • Timing

    The timing facility is available for all runners participating in the event; it is your responsibility to make sure that you attach the timing chip correctly and to ensure that you follow the course correctly and pass over the timing mats located at strategic locations across the course. Please note that the timing is done electronically and there is a chance that your timing may not get recorded due to a failure in the chip, in such an event the organizers cannot be held responsible. We use the mylaps technology where the timing chip is attached to your running number BIB.
      Please note: NO Chip – NO Timing .
  • Certificates & Medals

    All participants will be issued a certificate online only. Certificates will be available only after 72 hours of the event completion. Medals will only be given the participants on successfully completing the designated course.
  • Information & Updates

    Information & updates will be emailed only, it is your responsibility to provide your email accurately & legibly, further if you do not receive an email receipt of your form submission within 72 hours of your submitting your form, it is your responsibility to call the event helpline and ensure that your email ID has been captured accurately.
  • Cut-off Time

    We at SCHM believe that everyone who has attempted to participate is a winner. But due to civic needs the course needs to be cleared in a stipulated time. The cut-off time for the half marathon timing to be registered is 3 hours and for the 10K run it is 1 hour and 45 minutes. The race course is opened on a rolling basis for the traffic as the participants edge closer to the finish. The aid stations will also be wound up as the race progresses and the traffic restrictions will ease. Slow runners beyond the cutoff time need to exercise extra caution. They can avail the sweep vehicle to reach the finish point. Participants are requested to board the sweep vehicle as requested by the race officials. If the participants decide to run on sides they do so at their own risk without any responsibility and support from SCHM. Course marshals are asked to record BIB numbers of all the runners who refuse to board the sweep vehicle even after being asked to do so.
  • Keep the BIB

    Please do not discard your bib after the run as it is mandatory for availing the post run snack. Also it will be your tool to avail your finisher medal and later on your timing certificate.
  • Earphones

    There are various traffic curbs on the route for the safety of the runners on the race day. Still we request you to be vary of the traffic around you especially if you are wearing headphones/earphones. The organizers will not be responsible for any mishap happening due to negligence in following of traffic guidelines.